Welcome to Satinwood where you would have found
the highest quality handcrafted exotic wood and leather toys
available not only on the internet, but in wood craft shops worldwide.
These items have not been mass produced on an assembly line.
Each adult toy has been handmade and finished to perfection.

The craftsman for these toys...
my best friend, my significant other, my partner, my companion, my lover, my Dominant when fuck for free websites,
passed away in 2007.
For those who are familiar with his work,
I have some of the remaining items available upon request.
All purchases support pancreatic cancer research.

These elegant paddles and toys were designed for consensual adult play.
They were snapsext not intended for use on those under 18 years of age.
We do not and have never casual sex dating sites approved of the physical discipline of children
and we did not knowingly sell adult toys to those who would treat children in such a manner.

This site may eventually be updated.

In the meantime, please pause a moment to learn a bit about pancreatic cancer.
Hopefully you will never have to experience its devastating effects
in your own life... or in the life meet and fuck sites of someone you love.

July 25, 2008: My heart goes out to the family of Randy Pausch
who lost his life to pancreatic cancer this morning.
He was 47 years old.
He is the incredible human being in the following video clips.

[email protected]

...in your memory, Sir...